What We Do

Credit Capital, together with its partner, The Richman Group, represents the largest tax credit investor base in the United States. Since inception in 2002, Credit Capital has raised over $1 billion in LIHTC equity. We offer the highest level of personal service and a proven ability to close. CCL offers competitive pricing and fast turn-around on investment decisions, due diligence and transaction closing. In addition to providing investor equity, we also have the resources to provide construction and permanent financing, assistance with LIHTC, Carryover and AHP applications, as well as other soft financing and subsidy applications and/or renewals.

For Developers

Credit Capital works closely with each developer to ensure the deal gets done. We know our clients want timely results and need honest answers. Closing a deal can be complex and time consuming and CCL endeavors to serve our clients as efficiently and quickly as possible. By staying ahead of the curve, we help manage risks, stay on schedule and maximize returns. If you would like to discuss pricing your tax credit transaction please contact Mirko Jokanovic or Brett Nelson.

For Investors

Credit Capital provides investors with proven skills needed to receive the returns and benefits projected for their investment. We provide investment models, investment summaries and due diligence needed for you to make prudent investment decisions as well as providing the continued oversight and support needed to help keep your investments on track, from beginning to end. When we bring a deal to you, it will have been thoroughly vetted and will be presented with a candid and fair assessment of its risks, as well as its benefits. If you would like to discuss investment opportunities with Credit Capital please contact Bruce Nelson